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What is Localization?

”The process to change properties of a product to accommodate legal differences of a country”.

Every country has specific requirements like statutory, tax calculation, reporting or different way of dealing with movement of goods.

Localization in terms of Oracle

“How can you fit oracle as a Product in that particular country to support a language,currency,legal,Business requirements and make it Local”

Oracle provides patches country by country, which can be install to provide the country specific functionality.

Oracle categories Localization mainly in

  • Product Localization.
  • Add on Localization.
  • Partner Localization.

Add-on Localization

Oracle support Add-on localization by giving Patches

Add-on localization covers most of the country specific Legal/Statutory requirements. It can be achieved by applying country specific patches.
Before applying the patch make sure that Product localization and local language setups are covered.

Product Localization

Product localization will not be present for all the countries.
Product localization comes with the standard installation, anyone buying oracle E-biz product should have access to it.
It can be found in oracle guides for Europe, Asia, America and separate ones for big countries like Brazil and India.

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