Note,I have just tried to explain the requirements, which I really felt was important,if you need more details comment your questions.


Requirement Description Requirement Solution
In Argentina,for payments Companies should generate and print payment information according to local legal requirement.Checks Endorsement is a another unique requirement in Argentina,When checks are received from Third Parties the same check is endorsed and used to pay to other Third Parties. Oracle  provides predefined check format to meet Argentine bank system requirements on payment checks. Not sure oracle really have solution for check endorsement management.
In Argentina Companies are required to present all posted Debit and credit entries accounting information to the Government using different Accounting books such us Daily Book, Balances Book. Standard Journal Entry Report can be used to satisfy this requirements/do modifications as per the business
In Argentina ,Calculating Excise Tax on different transactions to comply with legal requirements. In oracle it can be satisfied using latin tax engine,define the setups as required
 Codigo Unico de IdentificaCion Tributaria (CUIT) is the tax regisration number,Argentina gorvenment wants its validation.Waybills needs to be generated as per gorvement each time you move the goods. Oracle AR take cares of it,for waybills I am not sure if oracle have a standard solution.
Argentina have a requirement of generating Credit\debit memo for the diffrences in exchange rate,Argentina gorvenment wants you to store CAE code by requesting this infromation from authority,Argentina have requirements for vat reporting Need to have a customize solution to achive requirements.for Vat Reporting in Argentina ,oracle have solutions
Withholding requirnment and reporting for Argentina All Argentina withholding requirnment can be taken care by standard oracle,Except for the payments done in forign currency

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